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Endless Horse

By Colleen Josephson and Kyle Miller Visit Endless Horse

When I first stumbled onto Endless Horse I laughed out loud. It was such a unique and ridiculous idea with the domain name to match it. I scrolled down for a few minutes to see how endless it really was (bottomless pit endless in the answer) before opening the web inspector to see how it works.

Its creators, Colleen Josephson and Kyle Miller were both studying their PHD’s at the time (Electrical Engineering & Math) who found time to create some weird at a hackathon!

What were the circumstances behind creating your site?

The idea of an infinite horse came to me in 2014, when I first heard that .horse was going to be a TLD. I joked about creating a website called In 2015 we participated in the “Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon”, which was organized by some friends of ours, so the time to make was nigh (or neigh, if you prefer).

What came first, the domain or the code?

The domain. The scrolling code was a quick hack by Kyle using an infinite scroll library by Facebook – the best part is how legs.html works.

How did you settle on the domain?

At the hackathon some of the sponsors gave coupons for discounts on domain registration and hosting. Either was already taken or too expensive, so I brainstormed some alternatives and polled other attendees for which sounded best. obviously won.

How long ago did you launch the site / what are you working on now?

We launched the site in 2015. Since then, I started a PhD in Electrical Engineering (Kyle was already in his first year of a math PhD), and we’re both close to graduating. Also, fun fact: we’re getting married this May. Well, maybe. The coronavirus situation might throw a wrench into our plans.

What is the weirdest thing that has come from owning/running such a unique-not-really-having-a-purpose site?

The press coverage and popularity were unexpected, and we had no idea we were part of a nascent meme. Some of my favorites include hours-long youtube videos dedicated to people scrolling on, being included in a lecture at the Parsons School of Design, and a request from a student in Germany that we add https functionality to the site (which I eventually did, see As I mentioned, we’re PhD students so it’s been kind of funny being more known for this website than our academic research.