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Sometimes I wonder just how many checkboxes I have “checked” or “unchecked” during my life, from multiple choice quiz’s to filling out life’s great paperwork they’re everywhere… if there’s one thing thats for certain, its that after visiting this site I’ve clicked a whole lot more!

Why checkboxes, why not dropdowns or something else?

Something has always drawn me to the browsers native checkbox element, the blue checkbox for some reason appeals to me and really the simplicity of the action and quick response. I can’t really explain it much more than that, I like the element and want to make things with it. I had previously explored this idea with checkbox olympics which unfortunately remains largely incomplete, but wanted to make a stand alone experience.

Would you consider a game useful?

When it comes down to it, I’m not quite sure… in a way checkbox race is entertainment but because it’s so monotonous and hard to really race through quickly I feel like we’re more into the territory of art vs a game. If anything checkbox race is annoying and challenging rather than enjoyable, though I guess some people also enjoy those things.

What is your fastest time?

I have to have played this about 1000 times, mostly to test the individual pieces are all working as intended. If I cheat with tabs (I did consider putting something in here to stop this, or at least alert people tabs were used in their score) I can get under 15 seconds, otherwise well into the 45-1 minute mark. I guess it relies on a little RNG and no misclicks.

Is checkbox race open source?

Checkbox Race is most certainly open sourced although I guess all in all I would consider it ‘complete’, there would be room for some css accent colors, and perhaps something to make the mobile experience a little better. I don’t think this will be the last time I mess with checkboxes in a game, thats for sure.